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Dear Dads

Dear Dads,

I see you. You're in the background, but I see you.

When you come to my studio, your wife has just been through labor, an

intense process you have minimal control over. Your sweet new baby has many needs, the greatest of which you feel unable to fulfill. You feel the utmost responsibility, and yet you've never felt so helpless.

But please, hear this. You are needed. You are SO needed. You are there for her, and that's EXACTLY what she needs. You bring her food and water to quench her constant thirst and never-ending hunger. You make sure she is taken care of so she can care for your child. And when baby allows, you give her arms a rest. Your arms gradually teach your baby that the world outside of mom's arms can be a safe place. You are that first safe place.

I see you. They need you. And you are THERE. That matters.

Happy Father's Day

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