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Mother's Day

Moms, I have so much I want to say. Bear with me.

First of all, look at these amazing, stunning mommas! Now, I'm going to venture to guess that if you asked these ladies how they felt when they looked in the mirror the morning of their newborn session, "amazing" or "stunning" would not have been at the top of the list. Those first days are hard. Really hard. But I am SO thankful these women agreed to be photographed with their newborns. Here's why:

Moms, right now these images are for you. To remind you that you are beautiful. To remind you how much your baby loves and needs you. To remind you to give yourself credit for how far you've come, but also to show you how quickly it's going and remind you to slow down, kiss those chubby cheeks another dozen times, and enjoy a few extra snuggles.

But these images aren't just for you. They are for your child. And I don't just mean decades down the road. Soon.

Soon, your baby, while still YOUR baby, won't be a baby anymore, and these images will become a very important piece of your home and his/her self image. They will remind your child of your unbreakable bond on both good days and bad (especially the bad).

On the good days, when all is right with the world, seeing this image as he passes through the hall will reinforce his feelings of confidence and self-worth, knowing he is fully loved.

On the rough days, when everything feels like a battle and you go to bed feeling like you have failed (trust me, you haven't), she will see this image on her way to bed and remember that she has been loved unconditionally from day one and that tomorrow will be no different.

Moms, we need to exist in pictures. And those images need to be displayed. Not just for your facebook friends. Not just for Grandma's wall. For YOU. For YOUR family.

When I photograph you with your newborn, I know you don't feel amazing. But I see you through the eyes of your baby. To your baby, you are THE WORLD. And that is enough. It's more than enough. It's EVERYTHING. And that deserves to be captured, displayed, and EXPERIENCED every. single. day.

Happy Mother's Day

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