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Prints matter

Look at all of these gorgeous heirlooms!

yankton newborn photography photos canvas prints

It makes my heart so happy to see a family's images in print, knowing that the value of the investment my clients make in newborn portraits will not be forgotten after the facebook posts get buried. In fact, their value will only grow with time.

The sad truth is, the HUGE majority of digital files never get printed. (How many of you have that long forgotten disc stuffed somewhere in a box or a drawer?) We all have the best of intentions, but with all of the decisions and challenges involved in ordering, it simply doesn't get done. Add on the stress new parents are faced with (not to mention lack of time), and the odds are that much smaller.

-Which images should I print? -What products should I choose? -What size will look best on my wall?

And if you do make it that far, the challenges continue:

-Why do my prints from (insert local store, kiosk, or online vendor) look nothing like they did on your screen? My baby looks (insert odd color here).

-I want this image on a canvas, but how can I keep it from wrapping body parts around the edges of the frame? -I ordered this image as an 8x10, but it just chopped off the left and right edges, and now body parts are missing! -I love this image, but I need it in landscape, not portrait. -I have a special frame I want to use, but the dimensions of the image don't match my frame size.

For most people, printing is a frustrating hassle. For me, it is an art.Let me do the work for you as I walk you through every step of the process, and go home with timeless artwork that you will cherish EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. <3

(By the way, they also received a USB with their full gallery at no extra cost. But that was just an afterthought. ☺️)

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